Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Scott Bakker - Neuropath (Book Preview)

---Scott Bakker, author of the much lauded fantasy trilogy "Prince of Nothing", will be releasing the anticipated psychological thriller "Neuropath" on May 15 (Amazon release date for UK). Pat's Fantasy Hotlist gave the book an excellent review. As from now on, you can also read the first chapter online for free here (a fantasybookspot.com exclusive feature), so you can decide for yourself if you might enjoy it or not. But let me warn you that the novel is described (by Pat) as "a disturbing venture into the mind of a raving psychopath...who in some ways surpasses even the great Hannibal Lecter himself". It's supposed to be gritty, realistic and very smartly written. If you've read "Prince of Nothig" than you know what to expect - an utterly deranged and/or tormented cast of characters.



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