Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lo And Behold...

---Lo and behold, our mascot has been chosen a name!
---Because mascots are cool (especially ours) and they almost always need to have a name I came up with a few intimidating (read: goofy) and a couple of horror inspiring (read: quirky) names for it. I've included every name I could invent in a period of no more than a minute or so and the rest is history. Thank you, dear voters (the 17 of you know who you are!...especially the 7 of you who voted for the actual winner) for helping us out with the name. You shan't be forgotten!
Without further ado I give you
[drums]--- ~ Evil Fruitcake ~ ---[/drums]
---(p.s. I actually opted for Madwand and when your decision became apparent I wasn't so disappointed...the person I had in mind is just as "colorful" as the winning name :))


argon said...

Yay for Evil Fruitcake! I voted for it too. :-)

ThRiNiDiR said...

Good for you Argon; Evil Fruitcake blesses you to have healthy offspring and so forth... :)


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