Thursday, May 8, 2008

Konfuzija 2008 ...or What really happened at The Last Supper

(click on the image for larger picture)
---Thrinidir: *CHOMP*
---Trin: "Hey, I wanted to eat that last slice of pizza." *sad face* "Gimme back, I need it so I'll be able to do a proper barrel-roll."
---Thrinidir: "Well ... I guess I can spare the scraps. Your plea really touched me. Take this and make your dream come true, but don't forget your friends when you barrel-roll down the street."
---Trin: "Thank you kind master. Cthulhu blessed thee! May all your children be green and betentacled." …thinking to herself “Smug bastard! He’ll pay for his insolence. His tentacles are done-for when the night falls. This I swear!”
---BlindMan: "Don't you dare touch that pizza! All your pizza are belong to me!"
---Madwand: "What the hell, dude!?!? You've barely touched your own! Don't you know that it will get cold if you don't eat it soon? And then the bad bad germs will come and fester on it. And then your tummy will hurt. You don't want that, do you?"
---BlindMan: *baffled* "No. No, I don't."
---Madwand: "You know what. I could help you with that - so the pizza won't get cold and could share a slice you know; but I'd eat it only because I want to help you, so you won't get sick and all! You know that, right?"
---Blindman:"Yes Moth...ermmm...Yes...I mean no, I don't want that Madwand." *grumbles* "All your pizza are belong to both of us I guess." *shares a slice* ...after a while he realizes that he's been doped into sharing his food and chomps Madwand's head off.
The picture was taken at Slovenia's (one and only) sf&f convention - Konfuzija. This is only the second time that the convention took place and while the program was minimal and the contents more or less improvised it was still heaps of fun. The event took place in a junior school at the seaside. The booze was cheap, the lodging was free of charge (we slept in classrooms), the weather served us well and a bunch of old fiends and interesting people were present - what more could one wish for? ...I forgot about the books, but we had those too so it's o.k. :) If you haven't figured out who we are from the picture & the ragtag scenario above, then click HERE to see *the spoiler photo*.


BlindMan said...

You insolent pup!
How dare you mock and belittle your betters! I shall crunch your scull, and munch on your brain!
You direspectful dunce!

Oh... and BTW. It's not that the program was so minimal... its just that the booze was really cheap!

ThRiNiDiR said...

My humble apologies o Great One ;)


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