Thursday, August 28, 2008

No-one here

It's not really a hiatus, more like a pause, but at the end, it comes to the same: no new reviews on the site. We don't even have time for a (not so) lazy linkage, and that alone should tell you something.

Some of it is summertime; the days are nice and warm and I'd like to say that this fact forced us to enjoy the summer outside in the sun, but I guess it just made us a bit lazy. I even went to the seaside, where I spent a week in a nice, air-conditioned room, reading one book after another. I even managed to start a few reviews - the problem is that finishing them is a whole other thing.

Some of it is that we're all busy with something: some with jobs, some (meaning ThRiNiDiR) with writing a diploma. Both can be pretty tiresome at times, even a job such as mine (I'm working in a small gift shop which rarely gets any customers).

Some of it is WoW. I'm not an addict (yet??), but it sure is easier to do a bit of raiding than to sit down and try hard to find the right words for your review (I envy the native-speakers!). And since two is a company, ThRiNiDiR also plays (not that he minds it ...).

And the last reason, who is entirely my own: my to-read list is full of books that deserve a lot of time and thought, but I'm currently in a mood for easier reads. I'm a bit stuck, but I'm fairly sure it'll pass, as this pause will.

I'd like to say that these are not just excuses, but in truth, I'm not entirely sure. I, however, can assure you that we'll be back. Give us some time, but don't forget about us. :)

P.s.: I apologise for awful grammar; it's just that there's no one around to do the corrections.


Dark Wolf said...

Take your time, guys. We will still be here. And summer days are just great :)

thrinidir said...

you fogot someone, madwand is an addict as well ^^

Thea said...

I was wondering where y'all were ;) Enjoy the summer guys!

And Trin, your grammar is just fine :)


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