Friday, January 30, 2009

The ULTIMATE (and somewhat bloated) Best Of 2008 List [part 5]


You can find the previous four articles in the "The Best of 2008..." on the following links: part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4. Now, let's continue from where we left of.

Top 5 reads of 2008 for James (Speculative Horizons) were "The Terror" (Dan Simmons), "The Scar" (China Mieville), "Gardens of the Moon" (Steven Erikson), "Midnight Falcon" (David Gemmell) and "Altered Carbon" (Richard Morgan). Honorable mention goes to: "Empire in Black and Gold" (Adrian Tchaikovsky), "The Steel Remains" (Richard Morgan), "The Ten Thousand" (Paul Kearney) and "Last Argument of Kings" (Joe Abercrombie). You can find more on his site...

For those mostly interested for urban fantasy visit SciFiGuy's blog and his list here, and we are on to Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin' Blog's favourite books of 2008: "Old Man's War" (John Scalzi), "The Lies of Locke Lamora" (Scott Lynch), "Clockwork Heart" (Dru Pagliassotti) and "Watchmen" (Alan Moore)...more. Mariel from Where troubles melt like lemon drops (you gotta love this blog's name) has her own review of 2008 here.

The review team at Strange Horizons put forward the following works of fiction as "best of 2008" (not essentially published in the same year): "The Knife of Never Letting Go" (Patrick Ness), "Anathem" (Neil Stephenson), "Spook Country" (William Gibson), "Pump Six and Other Stories" (Paolo Bacigalupi, short-story collection), "The Gone-Away World" (Nick Harkaway), "Neuropath" (Scott Bakker), "Liberation" (Brian Francis Slattery), "Flood" (Stephen Baxter), "The Quiet War" (Paul McAuley), "Lavinia" (Ursula K. Le Guin), "The Engine's Child" (Holly Phillips), "The Bell at Sealy Head" (Patricia A.McKillip), "The Execution Channel" (Ken MacLeod), "Black Man" (Richard Morgan), "The Carhullan Army" (Sarah Hall), "The Yiddish Policemen's Union" (Michael Chabon), "Spirit: or the Princess of Bois Dormant" (Gwyneth Jones), "Little Brother" (Cory Doctorow), "The Angel Maker" (Stefan Brijs), "The Love We Share Without Knowing" (Christopher Barzak), "The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein" (Peter Ackroyd), "Dangerous Laughter" (Stephen Millhauser, short-story collection), "God is Dead" (Ron Currie), "Dust" and "Undertow" and "All the Windwracked Stars" (Elizabeth Bear), "The Adoration of Jenna Fox" (Mary E. Pearson), "Life As We Knew It" (Susan Beth Pfeffer), "The Hunger Games" (Suzanne Collins), "The Handmaid's Tale" (Margaret Atwood), "Larklight" series (Philip Reeve), "Swiftly" (Adam Roberts), "The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction Volume 2" (ed.Geoge Man, short-story collection), "Eclipse 2" (ed.Jonathan Strahan, short-story collection), "The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy" (ed.Ellen Datlow, short-story collection), "Fast Forward 2" (ed.Lou Anders, short-story collection), "The Drowned life" (Jeffrey Ford, short-story collection)...and other.

I've already covered the enormous effort that the guys at Fantasy Book Critic are putting up with interviewing various genre authors and other genre related individuals about their thoughts on 2008 and the things they are looking forward in 2009 (they've interviewed exactly 51 by this moment!). You should really check out what some of your favorite authors enjoyed in 2008, what they look forward to and what are their plans for 2009 here. The genre works I've accounted for in the previous article are alredy obsolete, so what I'd like to do here is recount the choices of the blog's staff which were posted well after my first article. Some of their picks are: "The Kingdom Beyond the Waves" (Stephen Hunt), "Return of the Crimson Guard" (Ian C.Esslemont), "Iron Angel" (Alan Campbell), "The Magicians and Mrs.Quent" (Galen Beckett), "The Hounds of Ash and Other Tales of Fool Wolf" (Greg Keyes), "Kushiel's Mercy" (Jacqueline Carrey), "Empire In Black & Gold" (Adrian Tchaikovsky), "The Born Queen" (Greg Keyes), "Shadow Gate" (Kate Elliott), "Lord Tophet" (Gregory Frost), "Midnight Never Come" (Marie Brennan), "An Autumn War" (Daniel Abraham), "Havemercy" (Jaida Jones & Danielle Bennett), "The Steel Remains" (Richard Morgan), "The Red Wolf Conspiracy" (Robert V.S. Redick), "Blood Ties" (Pamela Freeman), "The Host" (Stephanie Meyer), "Escapement" (Jay Lake), "Singularity's Ring" (Paul Melko), "Debatable Space" (Philip Palmer), "Hunter's Run" (GRRM, Gardner Dozois and Daniel Abraham), "Death’s Head: Maximum Offense" (David Gunn), "The Mirrored Heavens" (David J. Williams), "Little Brother" (Cory Doctorow), "Tigerheart" (Peter David), "The Resurrectionist" (Jack O’Connell), "Severance Package" (Duane Swierczynski), "The Monsters of Templeton" (Lauren Groff), "Stalking the Unicorn" (Mike Resnick), "Sharp Teeth" (Toby Barlow), "The Alchemy of Stone" (Ekaterina Sedia), "Through a Glass, Darkly" (Bill Hussey), "Neuropath" (Scott Bakker), "Anathem" (Neal Stephenson), "Spirit: The Princess of Bois Dormant" (Gwyneth Jones), "By Schism Rent Asunder" (David Weber), "The Quiet War" (Paul McAuley), "The Temporal Void" (Peter F.Hamilton), "The Martian General's Daughter" (Theodore Judson), "Swiftly" (Adam Roberts), "MultiReal" (David Luis Edelman), "Chaos Space" (Marriane de Pierres), "Caine Black Knife" (Matthew Stover), Night Angel trilogy (Brent Weeks), "The Engine's Child" (Holly Phillips), "Thunderer" (Felix Gilman), "The Kingdom Beyond the Waves" (Stephen Hunt), "Last Argument of Kings" (Joe Abercrombie), "The Ten Thousand" (Paul Kearney), "The Painted Man" (Peter V.Brett), "Deep Water" (Pamela Freeman), "The Immortal Prince" (Jennifer Fallon), "Black Ships" (Jo Graham), "Shadow of the Wind" (Carlos Ruiz Zafon), "The Ninth Circle" (Alex Bell), "Perdido Street Station" (China Mieville), "Accelerando" (Charles Stross), "The New Weird" and "Steampunk" (ed.Jeff and Ann VanderMeer,anthology)... This is not an exhaustive list, for all the picks and the elaboration on the choices follow the above link.

Now, finally*, Larry from OF Blog of the Fallen...if you wanna know how many books he read in 2008 go here (hint: 366), his favorite DEBUT NOVELS are listed here, ANTHOLOGIES here, TRANSLATED FICTION here, SPANISH LANGUAGE FICTION here, SF&F NON-FICTION here, GRAPHIC NOVELS here, YA FICTION here and his FAVORITE FICTION BOOKS IN OVERALL here. Let me reiterate the first ten (out of twenty) books of this final list: (1) "Yalo" (Elias Khoury), (2) "The Situation" (Jeff Vandermeer), (3) "El Juego del Angel" (Carlos Ruiz Zafön), (4) "Lavinia" (Ursula Le Guin), (5) "Last Dragon" (J.M.McDermott), (6) "Liberation" (Brian Francis Slattery), (7) "Tender Morsels" (Margo Lanagan), (8) "Thunderer" (Felix Gilman), (9) "Black Ships" (Jo Graham) and (10) "The Alchemy of Stone" (Ekatarina Sedia).

* Some of the "best of" lists aren't compiled, completed or the votes aren't in/accounted for yet (e.g., etc.). These lists will be gathered in the final "The ULTIMATE Best Of..." article accordingly.
- Thrinidir -


SciFiGuy said...

I love lists. Your posting is indeed an ultimate recap. Can you imagine actually adding all these books to a TBR pile? Thanks for the link.

ThRiNiDiR said...

To answer your question, not in a million years (nor would I want to) :). My pleasure Doug.

Plinydogg said...

I don't think I made any of your lists :(

ThRiNiDiR said...

Ah, but here you are wrong young Skywalker...look, you've not only made my lists, you've made the first one! part 1 *tsk*tsk*


Plinydogg said...

Sorry Obi-Wan (or is it Yoda or Vader?)...I must have been out shooting swamp rats when that was posted :)

Travel By Thought said...

I just recently started blogging (I know!) and came upon your Best of 2008 summary. Thanks for compiling all of this information. It's impressive, to say the least.

ThRiNiDiR said...

tnx for dropping by TbT (srry couldn't dig up your name) :)...we are keeping a tally and in a few days our own best of list should be up and the score of the "overall winners" announced as well.


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