Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eye Candy Covers X


Richard Morgan, a rising a risen star in the realm of the speculative fiction writers, has been outdoing himself with every subsequent novel he writes. His first sf trilogy, named after it's protagonist Takeshi Kovacs, garnered much praise and was noted for its gritty content and noir approach. His thought provoking novel "Black Man" won the Arthur C. Clarke Award in 2008 and his latest novel - and at the same time his first foray into fantasy genre - "The Steel Remains" made quite a few of the "best of 2008" lists. The original UK cover is absolutely stunning, but who would have thought...the forthcoming US version is just as swell :). For latest news regarding the sequel to "The Steel Remains", "The Dark Commands" you can visit Morgan's blog or A Dribble of Ink where Aidan posted his commentes on the latest turn of events.
-----UK cover-------------------US cover (forthcoming)


sbp said...

US cover just as swell? Will Wonders never cease!

RobB said...

That isn't the US cover on the right, that's the UK mass market. The US Cover is here

ThRiNiDiR said...

Thanks for correcting me Rob, and for dropping by. I won't be changing the post though to remind me to run things through more thoroughly the next time I'm posting something...the other reason why i'm not correcting things is, because I was foolish enough to believe that the UK mass market cover was actually the US cover :). Let me reiterate myself, I'm not saying that the US cover is ugly, but compared to the two UK cousins it is.


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