Monday, June 1, 2009

Condensed&Appropriated BOOK RELEASES for JUNE 2009

Why condensed and appropriated? Because I shifted through the more extensive publication lists that were published elswhere (I wouldn't want to take credit for other people's work: The Deckled Edge,, The Ostentatious Ogre and Fantasy Book Critic) and I appropriated them for my own needs; since I'm rather picky the list I'm making is also of a condensed nature :).

Without further ado, the books of June 2009 that look especially promising are:

  • "Best Served Cold" (June 1, 2009 UK) by JOE ABERCROMBIE
  • "The Angel's Game" (transl. June 1, 2009 UK and June 16, 2009 US) by CARLOS RUIZ ZAFÓN
  • "Nights of Villjamur" (June 12, 2009 UK) by MARK CHARAN NEWTON
  • "Retribution Falls" (June 18, 2009 UK) by CHRIS WOODING
  • "Naamah's Kiss" (June 24, 2009) by JACQUELINE CAREY
  • "Warbreaker" (June 9, 2009 US) by BRANDON SANDERSON

For the rest of the books being released in June 2009 follow the links above.

As for what you can expect from us in the next couple of weeks is Trin's review of "Blood of Ambrose" by James Enge, my review of "Infoquake" by David Luis Edelman and a new giveaway, so stay tuned...
~ Thrinidir ~



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