Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eye Candy Covers: The Islanders by Christopher Priest

Eye candy covers! There was no post about covers here on RoSF in two years or so, because - actually, I have no idea why. (Probably because Thrinidir did those, and Thrinidir does not contribute to this blog as much as he used to.)
Anyway, I think it's about time to resurrect this column, because everyone loves a nice cover.

The Islanders by Christopher Priest is probably my most-awaited book of 2011. (Yes, I'm anticipating it even more than ADwD, simply because I won't believe that ADwD is finished until I hold it in my hands.*) Here's the working image for its cover:

Damn. This is hardly an eye candy. As Adam noted, it's very retro; my problem is that I don't like retro at all. I like the Gollancz paperback covers of Priest's books; they are elegant and pretty:


This one, however ... I really hope they change it. If I saw The Islanders in a bookshop, I'd walk straight past it with a cover like that - to me, it seems to scream 'BORING'. It also looks a bit like the books my mother read when I was a kid, which is in fact probably one of the reasons why I think 'boring' when I see it.

Source: The Wertzone

* Not that this has prevented me from pre-ordering it


ThRiNiDiR said...

I dig the retro cover and don't think much of the ones below.

So if this post would be made by me I'd reverse the covers. In a way this post could be called Anti-Eye Candy Covers :p

Benjamin said...

Hey Trin. I'm afraid I'm with Thrinidir on the covers. I much prefer The Islanders and don't think much of the Gollancz paperbacks.

Trin said...

Hmph! *sulks* :P


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