Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The David Gemmell Award 2009 (shortlist)

On April 12th the shortlist for the first DAVID GEMMELL LEGEND AWARD has been announced and the final five in alphabetical (bold) order are as follows:

"Last Argument of Kings" by JOE ABERCROMBIE
"Heir to Sevenwaters" by JULIET MARILLIER
"The Hero of Ages" by BRANDON SANDERSON
"Blood of Elves" by ANDRZEJ SAPKOWSKI
"The Way of Shadows" by BRENT WEEKS
Congratulations to all the nominees! I've only read the first book so my (partial) vote lies with LAoK; I've heard a lot of good stuff about Sanderson (Mistborn is sitting by me pleading to be read), Sapkowski (The Witcher was brilliant) and Weeks though...nothing about Marillier, but I don't doubt the book deserves recognition. So, where lies your vote?



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