Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reviews? Reviews! Reviews.

The Hard Way.

Reivews? Reviews! Reviews. The hard way. is a new fiction review blog that sprouted up on the blogosphere this April and it's run by Ripley "who doesn't write about herself" and she's "sorry about it". Thank's to our Danny who pointed us towards her sister's blog. Be kind, drop by and wish her luck. Godspeed Ripley, we'll be seeing you around :).


daydream said...

Hi, I am a bit embarrassed by the spamming and such, but I am organizing a new event for review bloggers to get to know other review bloggers [mainly because I want to interact with the community]. It’s called “Reviewer Time” and will post each Sunday a review of a review blog and an interview of its owner and contributors, if any are game.

I really like your blog and such, so I hope you would be game. Here is the link for the original post, where you can sign up for the interview part at least, if you want to:

Anonymous said...

OT: Your feedburner link isn't working anymore.
Due to the move to google I guess...

Anonymous said...

Ah, thanks :) Me and Ripley appreciate it :))))


ThRiNiDiR said...

I have fixed our Feedburner link, hopefully...thanks for noticing us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for fixing this.

The link at the bottom of the page works now.
The link on the right side still points to

ThRiNiDiR said...

Thank you again :). Fixed.


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