Saturday, September 18, 2010

In the Limelight: Paul Kearney (take two)


I've been hooked on Kearney from the moment I've read "The Mark of Ran" (first book in the - as of now yet - unfinished The Sea Beggars Trilogy). "Hawkwood and the Kings" and "Century of the Soldier" are the first and the second omnibus editions that contain all five volumes of Kearney's classic and long out of print Monarchies of God series. I'm really keen on reading them as soon as possible but I'm currently involved with another behemoth - "Ash: A Secret History" (Amazon).

If you want to find out more about Kearney and his work I recommend you read our reviews of The Mark of Ran, (Book One of The Sea beggars), This Forsaken Earth (Book Two of The Sea Beggars) or/and The Ten Thousand.

If you need more information on Monarchies of God series you can read through this dedicated thread on A Song of Ice and Fire forums or you can read the reviews on the series from the biggest Kearney advocator I know and who also piqued my interest for the author: Wertzone's review of the first and the second omnibus.



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