Wednesday, July 8, 2009

David Gunn's "Death's Head" - Giveaway contest winners!

Thanks to all of the participants who entered the competition, but the books are going to only two persons, and they are...

Suzana Confalonieri, Italy
and Luka Finžgar, Slovenia

The books are going to be shipped as soon as possible and the date of arrival depends only on how fast the guys on the post work :). I'd again like to thank the good people at Transworld, who made this giveaway possible and to the rest of you, better luck next time!

Until another good book finds its reader...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sarah Rees Brennan - Sorcerer and Stone (Free Fiction)

I reviewed SARAH REES BRENNAN's debut, "The Demon Lexicon", back in March, and found it an appealing YA novel. She has now come up with an idea for promoting her book with gifts and free fiction - a short story entitled Sorcerer and Stone (I haven't decided yet whether the title, as well as some other things, is a deliberate reference to Harry Potter or not), which tells the background of one of the characters in "The Demon's Lexicon". You can read the short story here.


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